website and mobile app privacy policy

Your privacy is important to Navia. Since 1995, we have been dedicated to offering secure and dependable online access to your benefits. This privacy policy covers the collection and use of your private information and discloses our privacy practices as it relates to the website (“Website”) and mobile application (“App”).

Types of information collected

On our Website you can request proposals, register for an online account, enroll in benefits, and manage your benefits. In order to register and use our Website and App we must collect and verify some of your personal information. Some of the information we gather varies based upon the particular function or use of the Website or App. That information may include your name, username, password, electronic email, physical address, telephone number, date-of-birth, IP address, social security number, company code, and possibly financial data. You may also have access to and submit information related to benefit claims, benefit denials or other information regarding the benefits we administer. We use cookies to track your session on our Website but we do not use cookies for the App—instead we store a unique identifier encrypted on the device. We do not collect geo-location information and some information is incidentally collected but not required or requested. For instance, we do not collect gender, religion, or ethnicity but if you submit claim information disclosing that information then we will have incidentally collected that information. Keep in mind you are not required to use our Website or App. You may access your benefits by calling our Customer Service department and/or submitting written correspondence via fax, electronic mail, and regular mail.

How your information is stored

When you access or submit your personal information through our Website or App it is protected from unauthorized access by a secure firewall and security infrastructure. When your personal information is transmitted your privacy is protected by Secure Socket Layer 128-bit encrypting software. Upon receipt by Navia, your information is protected through administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to ensure your information remains secure. We also conduct periodic reviews and employ a third-party to ensure our safeguards are effective. At Navia, our employees are trained and retrained regarding our policies. Our employees have access to information based upon their role and function and are granted access to personal information only as necessary to perform a specific function and carry out their job duties. Finally our servers are kept behind a locked door, access is recorded, and access is limited to only those employees who require access.

Use of your information

We do not sell, rent, or share your information with others other than as disclosed in this policy, as required or permitted by law, or as necessary for Navia to administer your benefits and fulfill Navia’s legal and contractual responsibilities. For instance we may share your information with our benefit card provider in order to provide you a benefits debit card; verify your payroll information with another third-party data processor in order to ensure the correct benefits are provided to you, or provide information to a third-party in order to provide you parking or transit benefits. These parties are only allowed access to information for the purposes of administering your benefits. We may also share or use your information for treatment, payment, or healthcare operations. Finally, we do not provide “share” functionality on the App and we do not support advertising or use your personal information for advertising.

How you can access or change your information

If your personal information changes you may log onto the Website to update that information. Keep in mind, some personal information is routinely transmitted to Navia by your employer. If your employer’s information is outdated, that outdated information may eventually override any changes you may make using the Website. Be sure you also make those updates with your employer. You may also call or email us by going to the “Contact Us” page at and we will assist you with making any necessary changes.


Our Website may link or contain links to other third-party websites (“Third-Party Sites”) that are not owned or controlled by Navia. Navia may also provide links to Third-Party Sites managed by our vendors. Such Third-Party Sites are provided as a service to you. These Third-Party Sites may have similar appearance to the Website but they are not owned or controlled by Navia. Please keep in mind that this policy only applies to our Website and App.

Non-personal information collection

For security purposes we also track the type of computer, type of smart phone, your operating system and internet provider.

Email and other alerts

From time to time you may receive benefit plan communications through electronic mail or a phone alert. Alerts are provided within the App and you will not receive “Push Notices”. You may opt out of certain electronic communications by logging onto your participant account online. There you may configure the communications you would like to receive.

You are also responsible for the privacy and security of your information

You too must take steps to ensure the privacy and security of your information. You must always logout of your online account when using public computers. Never share your username and password with anyone or otherwise permit them to impersonate you online. Finally, if you log onto your account while at work or use your work email address, we cannot control the monitoring used by your employer. It is important to note that email is not a secure means of communicating. If you feel your information may have been or will be compromised change your password immediately at or call our Customer Service department to have your password reset.

Notification of changes

We may, from time to time, update this Privacy Policy. When we do we will post the new Privacy Policy on our Website and App and notify you by placing an “Effective Date”.

Effective date

September 22, 2015

Contact Information

If you need to notify Navia Benefits of operational failures, incidents, problems, or complaints please contact

Phone: 425-452-3500 or 800-669-FLEX (3539)

Address: Navia Benefit Solutions
PO Box 53250
Bellevue, WA 98015-3250